A Woman’s Guide to Christmas Shopping for Him


Guest Blogger, Colin, Shares His Top 15, Guy Approved Gift Ideas for This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner gals and I’m sure the men in your life have left plenty of hints for presents they’d like to see under the tree!  But just in case you need a few more, my boyfriend turned guest blogger, Colin, has used his retail experience to come up with a Christmas list that is 100% guy approved.  And yes, he’s keeping it budget chic!

Working for Wilsons Leather has put me in contact with a lot of male customers on a day day basis, making me the perfect holiday guide for loved ones looking to purchase the perfect gift.  These are my top 15 gift ideas for the men in your life.  Whether it’s a pair of designer gloves or  a sporty watch, these items are sure to “wow” him Christmas morning. These are the gifts that guys are asking for and women are trying to track down this holiday season. Not a day goes by without a customer saying, “I just can’t believe these prices!” Not only are the prices amazing deals, but the gifts are designer quality! It always makes me chuckle when a customer returns an item to another store because we have the same exact thing for half the cost. Why spend $500 on one coat when you can purchase the exact coat, two other coats and three accessories for the same price? There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking great and saving money too. Take not ladies, I promise neither of you will be disappointed.

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1. Marc New York Graham – Lamb jacket w/stand collar, $199.99 (+ 30% off) Org. $500

2. Marc New York Prince – Wool jacket w/attached storm collar, $229 (+ 30% off) Org. $305

3. Kenneth Cole Wool Toggle Close Car Coat w/hood, $129.99 (+ 30% off) Org. $300

4. Kenneth Cole Wool Car Coat w/buckle collar, $129.99  (+ 30% off) Org. $260

5. Men’s Black Rivet Diver Watch w/rubber band, $24.99, Org. $50

6. Men’s Black Rivet Matte Metal Watch, $24.99, Org. $50

7. Black Rivet Canvas Messenger Bag w/leather trim, $49.99, Org. $60

8. Pelle Studio Vacqueta Leather Day Bag, $79.99, Org. $160

9. Kenneth Cole Leather Shave Kit, $29.99, Org. $80

10. Kenneth Cole Leather Travel Kit, $39.99, Org. $80.00

11. Men’s Black Rivet Faux Fur Trapper Hat, $29.99, Org.  $60

12. Marc New York Chunky Knit Cuffed Hat, $29.00, Org. $50

13. Black Rivet Wool Military Hat w/knit ear flaps, $29.99, Org. $60

14. Marc New York Leather/Shearling Glove, $49.99, Org. $100

15. Men’s Leather Cashmere Blend Lined Dress Gloves, $34.99, Org. $75

*All items can be found online or in a Wilsons Leather Outlet near you. Rumor has it that if you visit a store there’s a possibility that the savings could be even greater!


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