Street-Style: Fashion Brought to You by Small Town, USA


Who Said Fashion-Sense was a Girl Thing???

My journey of small town American fashion continued with a search for what the guys are saying, or in this case showing.  Meet John, Jay, and Matt, three small town guys sporting the manly side of fashion.

Name:  John Barnett

Occupation:  Retail Assistant Manager

Location:  Chocolate Avenue in downtown Hershey

Define your personal style…

I like to mix and match styles. Expensive and shabby chic and make it my own. My style is edgy.

Define fashion…

Fashion is an expression of someone’s mood. An expression of where you are from.

Name:  Jay Ralston

Occupation:  Stylist and salon owner

Location:  Outside Jay’s salon and spa, Designs on Mane in Manheim, PA

Define your personal style…

I have two styles really.  I can be very casual with jeans and a fun, trendy slim fit dress shirt that might be a little funky.  Or I can do the professional look – a dress pant paired with a slim-fit button-down and tailored vest which I love too.  I have 3 signature looks that you’ll always notice when I’m going out…I love collared shirts with a popped collar, I love wearing blazers, and I wear my own handmade necklaces with my signature design feature.

Define fashion…

Fashion is a total expression of one’s self.  As our moods change and the seasons change so does our fashion.  If it didn’t we would be stuck wearing the same thing day in and day out…boring!  Someone once told me that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time.  I honestly think there’s something to be said for that…you have your go-to favorites.  

Name:  Matt Hammond

Occupation:  Body piercer/Musician

Location: Near the square in downtown Lancaster City, PA

Define your personal style…

My personal style is focused on body modification mixed with an urban rock style.  I like to be well-dressed with a strong musical influence.

Define fashion…

Fashion is whatever you want it to be.  It’s something that is based on the individual and not on what society wants you to be.

*All photos by MomentsInTheSeam*


6 Responses to “Street-Style: Fashion Brought to You by Small Town, USA”

  1. 1 Amanda

    great job! the pictures are amazing! 🙂

  2. 2 Erin

    Maria! These photos look professional! You captured all of their styles so well.

  3. 3 Abbey

    impressive maria!!! love it!

  4. Respect to author , some excellent info .

  5. 5 Sarah

    All I can say is WOW! I love the way you formatted this and the photos are very professional.

  1. 1 Elektrische Zahnbuerste

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