Street-Style: Fashion Brought to You by Small Town, USA


One Gal Shows Just How Big Small Town Fashion Can Be

Barns, corn fields, and cows….lots and lots of cows.  It’s the typical image most often associated with small town America.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad image; it’s just a hugely limited one.  There’s this misconception that quiet towns like those in Pennsylvania are the places where fashion refuses to tread or if it does, it treads incredibly lightly.

Contrary to popular, misguided belief small towns aren’t all about overalls and plaid shirts.  There’s more fashion substance than we give these places credit for.  Some of which comes in the form of small town style maven, Amanda MacIntyre.  She walks to the beat of her own fashion drum and is doing what she can to change the misconception.

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Name:  Amanda MacIntyre

Location: Palmyra, PA

Occupation:  Marketing student and sales associate at COACH

Define your personal style…  

My style is about comfort and versatility. I embrace color and love to mix and match. Some people have told me my look is urban-chic with an expressive edginess that isn’t contrived.

Define fashion…  

It’s art in self-expressive form. It says a lot about who you are and what you want people to know about you.

*All photos by MomentsInTheSeam


One Response to “Street-Style: Fashion Brought to You by Small Town, USA”

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