Goodbye Traditional, Hello Modern: Men’s Suiting Takes a Different Turn for Fall 2012


I’ve received some requests in the past few days to feature some men’s wear trends and budget chic ways to achieve the same look. I’m thrilled to oblige, but before I begin my hunt I want to know what my readers think, especially you guys.  Apparently, men’s fashion, suiting specifically, will be going through a major overhaul this coming fall (2012). You’ll be tossing out your well-loved traditional suits in favor of a more modern, form-fitting silhouette with narrow lapels and sleek, defined shoulders.

I am loving the much needed makeover to men’s suiting, but do you?  Before you say no, take a look at these sharp suits, and then decide if you’re game.  And if you’re thinking you have nowhere to wear it, ask your girlfriend, mom, sister…anyone of the female gender so they can remind you of the infinite ways to mix and match a suit for optimal use!

All photos courtesy of  Rodolfo Martinez for WWD.  To read the article at WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) click here.


4 Responses to “Goodbye Traditional, Hello Modern: Men’s Suiting Takes a Different Turn for Fall 2012”

  1. I love your work, Maria!!! You are super talented, and I can see you being very successful!

  2. 3 Colin

    Maria, I think you nailed this. Men’s suiting is definitely taking a new turn. Through my experiences both wearing and selling suits I can personally tell you that men are looking for less material! Both Brooks Brothers and Joseph A. Bank are capitalizing on this trend early. Being one of these men who prefer less box like clothing it is a Godsend that Brooks Brothers released a slim fit and ultra slim fit dress shirt line for men who just can’t stand having a traditional shirt weigh them down. Not only is this line form fitting but it also saves us the annoyance of the bunching of our shirt.

    Joseph A. Bank has always done fabulous work on my suits. All perfectly tailored to my liking. From a shorter break of my pants to a tighter fit in the shoulders they really developed it into an art form.

    Look for some new trendy looks this up coming year. I don’t think you will be disappointed For you men who are on a budget or just looking to save a few dollars look at the new outlet locations of these companies. Almost any designer who does suiting (Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Elie Tahari) will have a ready to wear line in these locations. Capitalize on it!.

  3. Colin, thank you for the tip on where to find similar looks right now! My male readers will be excited to know they don’t have to wait till next fall to try this new look! I think the gals here at MomentsInTheSeam will find a little pleasure in knowing that the guys have wardrobe annoyances too…i.e. “bunching of our shirts”.

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